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I’m pleased to announce I will be joining the Curatorial Committee for the Gallery at Spencertown Academy Arts Center n Spencertown, New York.

The Gallery hosts several exhibitions annually, from botanical shows (in coordination with their Garden Tours) to Invitational Shows of selected artists, Member Shows, and Juried Fine Art shows.

This year I will be working on the Regional Juried Fine Arts Show, to take place in September-October 2023. We will also begin work shortly on planning for the 2024 Gallery season. The Regional show will be open to artists in and surrounding Columbia County, New York (show theme to be announced).

The committee is chaired by Norma Cohen. Other new committee members this year I am excited to be working with are: Christian Dewailly, painter David Lesako, and designer/metalsmith Munya Avigail Upin

I look forward to forging new paths in the months ahead with the committee and other members of the staff and board at Spencertown Academy.


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